Petit Press

About us

The Petit Press printing house offers modern newspaper rotary offset printing

  • four-colour printing on newsprint paper
  • print quality is comparable to print on coated paper for a price at which no other print can compete
  • advanced technologies and materials
  • highest quality prints on newsprint paper with sheet sizes of 289x390 mm and 390x578 mm
  • flexibility in securing the customer's individual requirements concerning quality, colouring, paper weights, or other requirements
  • large printing capacity – 70,000 prints per hour
  • minimum delivery time, prepress services in the printing shop, and own transport is optional
  • inserting inserts and sticking advertisements.

Our products

We print periodicals of the Petit Press publishing house: daily newspapers, regional weekly newspapers, and mailbox advertising newspapers for the own publishing house. We also print for our external customers from the Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy. Of course, we also print various regional and advertising newspapers for our Slovak clients.


The Petit Press printing house successfully participates in the Zlatá pečať (Golden Print) competition organized by the Association of Graphic Industry in Slovakia.

  • 2014 - Golden Print in the category of newspapers
  • 2015 - Golden Print in the category of newspapers
  • 2016 - Golden Print in the category of newspapers
  • 2017 - Golden Print in the category of newspapers
  • 2018 - Golden Print in the category of newspapers

Company history

The Petit Press printing house is part of the Petit Press publishing house. The Petit Press printing house is the successor of the SK Print and VMV printing houses. Since the dramatic events of May 1996, the VMV printing house has printed the SME daily newspaper in the Sipox Free Zone at the Kopčianska street No. 92.

Thanks to a foreign loan, the older GOSS COMUNITY rotary printing machine was installed in a very short time. In the first period, that one machine printed the entire circulation of the SME newspaper.

In 2002, a reconstruction of the production hall began in the area of the former state enterprise Matador where a modern cold-set printing shop was built. The new CROMOMAN 45 rotary machine was installed in the printing shop. The new printing shop was officially put into operation on December 6, 2002.

Another fundamental modernization took place at the turn of 2010/2011. Then, the existing rotary printing machines were replaced by one rotary machine WIFAG OF 375S. This machine provides a single-base output to 48 full colour pages with a sheet size of 289x390 mm at a printing speed of 70,000 prints per hour.

This investment also includes the Ferag (upgraded in 2018) expedition line that allows for on-line inserting into the printed product and the CTP Agfa Advantage-DL (upgraded in 2016) machine for the production of offset plates. In order to install the rotary machine, a new extension was built to the existing printing shop's building.