Petit Press

CTP Technology

To speed up the production process and ensure the highest print quality, the received data are processed by the CTP (Computer-To-Plate) technology that prepares offset plates using digital processing, i.e. this technology omits the exposure of film when preparing plates.

Agfa Advantage N-DL CTP System Flatbed Exposure

  • 30 mW violet laser 405 mm for photopolymer plates
  • output 2 x 170 plates per hour
  • by automatic machine Agfa VPP 85

Workflow PPI Wifag OF 375 S

  • 1x folding machine KF 140 with the V1 stitching
  • 3x printing units
  • cylinder circumference – trim length: 578 mm
  • max. paper width: 1.560 mm
  • max. output: 70,000 prints per hour
  • paper type: 36-70g/m²
  • Max. sheet size and colouring for Tabloid:    289x390 mm, 48 pages 4+4
  • Max. sheet size and colouring for Broadsheet:    390x578 mm, 24 pages 4+4

Used materials


Based on tests of the offset plates and years of experience, we use the Agfa N94 - VCF photopolymer non-process plates.

Process inks

In printing, we only use process inks for the cold-set offset printing from the SUN CHEMICAL – HARTMANN company.


We print only on newsprint paper in rolls.
Standard newsprint paper 45g/m²

On request

Improved newsprint paper to 70g/m²
Transparent paper

Our current suppliers

Norske Skog
UPM – Kymmene Sales GmbH